A Mot About Bots

A Mot About Bots


  • Fast and comfortable messaging apps are coming instead of mobile applications. Most popular Messengers and their growth.
  • What are the privileges of the ChatBot? Why do you need it?
  • Where can we use ChatBots? What are the functions and directions of it? Why you should consider developing your bot?
  • What business processes can a ChatBot optimize? How to create your own Bot?

The Era of Messengers and Bots

Nowadays, messaging applications are growing fast. They've become more popular than social networks and more convenient for their users. Facebook Messenger, for example, is growing faster than Facebook itself. Telegram has only been around for about three years, but already has more than 100 million users. And that's just a start. Messengers are convenient, they provide a lighter interface than websites or mobile applications, and they do not inundate their users with unsolicited information. Moreover, messengers functionalities have recently been extended to support human-machine communication thus providing a whole new range of potential services.