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Vantino is a Swiss software company founded in 2004. For over a decade, Vantino has provided software consulting and software development services in the area of Web technologies.

At the end of 2015, to answer a growing demand among its customers, Vantino extended its offer with Swiss quality Agile Software Developments (see Managed Software Project) and Nearshore Outstaffing services (see Dedicated Team).

Today, the company supplies its customers with innovative software services, provided by a team of experienced project managers based in Switzerland and skilled software developers, working at our branch offices in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Vantino team is passionate about cutting-edge technologies: the company is geared toward the world of startups (see Startup Packages) and develops its own startup projects in the field of Web, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Our work methods are based on continuously reviewed processes, and the management of our software projects is inspired by the most efficient software engineering techniques.

We wish to establish a relation of trust with our customers in the long term, and like a craftsman, we strive to put the best of our expertise in the development of our projects.