Orchestrate your team and develop

a clear tech strategy

You cannot find a good CTO or perhaps you don't need a full-time professional at all?

Software projects are complex to handle and managers that lead them should have specific competencies: deep technical expertise, experience in leading development projects, a capacity to manage a team of software developers, and a good understanding of business needs.

If your software development team starts to become less efficient, the reason may be that developers are increasingly busy with fixing bugs rather than developing new software features.

This also may indicate that your development team faces a problem of technical debt.

Not only CTO will manage your tech team efficiently, but also he would be in charge of the overall technical and strategic planning for your company such as giving recommendations, suggesting technical improvements and keeping pace with the latest technologies.

We provide CTO services to our clients including:
  • Technological watch
  • IT & software strategic planning
  • Software architecture design
  • Defining and improving internal processes followed by the tech team
  • Recruiting and managing your technical team
  • Involving our own specialists on request
  • Tech consulting and establishing quality standards