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Agile approach & new technologies

Since it was founded back in 2004, Vantino team has developed strong expertise in full-stack Web development, Restful APIs & microservice architectures, cloud integrations (Azure, AWS, Google) and data analytics, including search engines. We use different modern programming languages and frameworks such as JavaScript (Node.js, React, Angular), Python (Django, Flask), PHP (Symfony, Laravel), Java (Spring, Solr), C# (.NET Core), Dart (Android, iOS).

Our agile approach to software project management is being constantly improved by our project managers.

This allows our development team to converge quickly and efficiently toward the solution that would bring the most value to your business.

Moreover, Vantino has a hybrid approach where our team of experienced Project Managers based in Switzerland leads a team of developers based in our office in Kyiv. So you can benefit from both a reliable and a cost-effective solution to develop your Web project (see Managed Software Project). Here's also our latest Mobile App project, a geo-based social network.

The partner you need

Whether you plan to develop an ecommerce platform, an innovative mobile app or a complex Web solution, our team will be glad to learn more about your project and to give you details regarding our approach. You can read some testimonials of our customers here.

If you want to get the most value for your project from the budget at disposal while focusing on your core business with peace of mind, contact us: we are definitely the partner you need.