Machine Learning & AI


Why Machine Learning and AI consulting

Are you wondering whether your business can use machine learning for growth or profitability? Our team has years of experience in the field and we’ll give you details on how ml could be implemented in your specific case and what would be your return on investment.

After a consultation with us, you’ll receive all the necessary information to decide whether AI and Machine Learning would make your business grow.

Our clients use AI and Machine Learning Consulting to:

  • automate processes and increase their accuracy
  • gain profit from using ml algorithms
  • increase overall productivity
  • ask questions related to Data Science (collecting and handling large-scale data)
  • find out how AI and Machine Learning can be applied to their business
  • add machine learning features to existing mobile/web applications
  • perform advanced data analysis and get insights for business development
How Machine Learning is used in different industries:
  • Banking and Fintech: security and fraud detection, using biometrics and image recognition for users’ authentication, risk management.
  • Marketing: customer segmentation, personalized recommendations, advanced targeting.
  • Retail: tracking trends, cashier-less stores, faster and automated logistics.
  • Health Care: detecting tumors and other abnormalities with high accuracy, medical imaging, drug discovery, personalized medical treatment and forecasts based on data.
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing): chatbots, voice assistants, content moderation (recognizing hate speech, discrimination content), translators.

Contact us to get an AI & Machine Learning consultation. We also develop solutions in this field, for more details check our Machine Learning & AI page.