Outsource your custom software developments

with peace of mind

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Geneva, Switzerland

Local Project Manager

Kyiv, Ukraine

Team of Developers

Agile Methodology


Our project manager understands your needs, and translates them into specifications and tasks

Our nearshore team implements the defined tasks and releases prototypes regularly

Every 2 weeks, we make a full demonstration of the latest developments

If you change your mind, we can reorient the developments at any moment

Our Key Advantages

  • We can scale our development team to any required size
  • We adapt continuously the product being developed to your technical needs
  • By embracing agility, we are able to respond quickly to changes (e.g.,requirements, market, technologies)
  • We provide full access to our project management tools and metrics
  • You keep complete control on the costs: a project can be stopped anytime at the end of a sprint
  • IT and human resources can be quickly scaled depending on your needs
  • Our team comprises experienced project managers and trained developers
  • We apply proven agile development methodologies
  • We extensively test and peer review our code
  • We use cutting-edge IT technologies
  • We constantly improve our development processes
  • We have a Swiss culture geared toward excellence

Example of Project

B2B Platform

Multilingual: English, French, German, Italian

Social authentication: LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing

Integration with 3rd party services: Mailchimp, Mandrill, Google Map

This project has been selected for the Web Summit 2016.