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Our approach

Agile Methodology

  • Our project manager understands your needs, and translates them into specifications and tasks.
  • Our nearshore team implements the defined tasks and releases prototypes regularly.
  • Every 2 weeks, we make a full demonstration of the latest developments.
  • If you change your mind, we can reorient the developments at any moment.

Our key advantages


  • We can scale our development team to any required size.
  • We adapt continuously the product being developed to your technical needs.
  • By embracing agility, we are able to respond quickly to changes (e.g., requirements, market, technologies).


  • We provide full access to our project management tools and metrics.
  • You keep complete control on the costs: a project can be stopped anytime at the end of a sprint.
  • IT and human resources can be quickly scaled depending on your needs.


  • Our team comprises experienced project managers and trained developers.
  • We apply proven agile development methodologies.
  • We extensively test and peer review our code.


  • We use cutting-edge IT technologies.
  • We constantly improve our development processes.
  • We have a Swiss culture geared toward excellence.

Example of project


B2B platform

Multilingual: English, French, German, Italian

Social authentication: LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing

Integration with 3rd party services: Mailchimp, Mandrill, Google Map

This project has been selected for the Web Summit 2016.

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