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with us

Our company has established a culture which fosters trust and creativity through open and transparent communication among all employees at all levels.

Why join our team?
We develop innovative projects and work with cutting-edge technologies

We mostly work for innovative startup projects and use the latest technologies of information for our software developments. This allows our employees to keep up with technological trends and continuously improve their skills.

We adopt a modern approach for managing our software projects

Our project management is based on agile methodologies which include Scrum and Kanban. This approach helps our teams keep flexible and respond efficiently to unpredictability.

We favor transparent and open communication within our teams

Our company has established a culture which fosters trust and creativity through open and transparent communication among all employees at all levels.

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What else?

Vantino provides a challenging and supportive working environment. The following points describe in more details the conditions of work we offer to our employees:

High corporate standards

We encourage all staff members to recognize the importance of their contribution to the company culture. We strive to develop our business through an uncompromised commitment to quality and a constant attention to the satisfaction of our customers.

Effective and collaborative working environment

Our staff members are encouraged to show initiative and commitment to their colleagues: a united and committed team enables us to build and maintain our excellent reputation. It is indeed often said that an organization is only as good as the quality of its staff.

Ethical imperatives

Vantino considers honesty to be the core of all its business activities. Basic ethical principles underlie the constructive relationships the company has with staff members, partners and customers.

Efficient employment policy

Our staff members are guided by professional responsibility and personal integrity. They are professionals who strive for the success of Vantino projects. To achieve this level of commitment, we employ the most capable and promising professionals. We implement a continuous recruitment process by using reliable human resources management techniques.

Steady personal and professional development

Vantino provides favorable conditions to support continuously the personal and professional development of its staff. We highly encourage our employees to keep learning constantly and to show a proactive attitude, as we believe that the right combination of knowledge, experience and creativity is key to the success of our projects.

Compensation and Benefits

An efficient compensation and benefit policy helps us attract and retain the brightest talents, and guarantees every employee is remunerated according to her/his skills and experience. Vantino regularly monitors the labor market, and adjusts its payroll policies according to the latest trends.