Data Analytics

Why use Data Analytics?

Daily, the amount of data generated by your business increases. In order to bring value to a company, the data should be turned into Analytics Dashboards and be incorporated into Business Intelligence software.

Data Analytics is an essential part of Business intelligence solutions together with data mining, process mining, business performance management, benchmarking and event processing.

In turn, Business intelligence is the broad approach of handling and collecting data. For example, using data you can estimate the demand for your product or services so you could optimize the work of different departments. Moreover, if you have a good Business intelligence platform, the software itself will generate suggestions for improvements based on your data.

Analytics Dashboards

Analytics Dashboards help to visualize data and work with it easily. You can be familiar with such mainstream Dashboards like Tableau, Qlik, Google Data Studio and Superset.

Analytics dashboards usually include among other useful features:

  • ability to accept various data sources (e.g., Excel sheets, CSV files,


  • secure Web-based user interface with fine-grained access control
  • integration of generated reports with third-party applications
  • they allow non-specialists to generate reports and query the data easily

Read our customer use case here.

Custom Search Engine

Search engines are extremely valuable for Big Data projects. Especially when it comes to structured content — search engines perform much better and faster than relational databases. They are scalable and can handle huge amounts of data very fast.

At Vantino, we have built through the years a strong expertise in developing custom search engines based on powerful open-source frameworks like Apache Lucene, Apache Solr and Elastic Search, which allow our customers to search their data efficiently.


Sevtin is the core of customizable full-text search engines developed at Vantino. It is one of the solutions that we use to provide e-commerce platforms with flexible and powerful search capabilities. A catalog of thousands of products would be of no use if potential clients cannot find what they need: a search engine is simply useless if it is slow or if it doesn't

return relevant results.

Our solution Sevtin Search Engine can index automatically your database of textual documents and makes it possible to quickly set up a powerful custom search engine within your software environment.

Keep track of the current situation, get data-derived insights from the past and for the future.