Vantino Helps Accounting Company

Bring its Data into Action


Our client is an accounting company which has three office branches in Europe. Their drive for efficient management and readiness to integrate digital tools into their business processes created good grounds for business growth. The company recently decided to bring together some of its internal data in order to get an overview of the company activities in real-time, and to use these insights to better drive the everyday decision-making process.


The custom Business Intelligence service to be developed had to be flexible enough to:

  • accept various data sources in CSV format;
  • provide a secured Web-based dashboard;
  • allow non-specialists to generate reports and query the data easily;
  • make it possible to integrate generated reports with third-party Web-based user interfaces.


Based on these needs, Vantino developed a custom and flexible data analytics solution. It is based on the Superset business intelligence (BI) platform which was initially released by Airbnb.

A custom secure REST API allows to upload various sources of CSV data that are automatically exported from the company ERP and then imported to the analytics server database.

Analytics reports are continuously updated which allows the management team to follow the company activities in real-time from a centralized Web interface. These reports may include for example sales monitoring, staff workload, marketing activities and much more. They are organized in different dashboards where information is displayed in a clear and structured way.

The fact that we went for a solution based on open-source technologies makes our customer less dependent on uncontrolled changes, provides a solution specifically tailored for its needs, does not require the payment of recurrent fees, offers more control over its data, and is potentially more secure as compared to depending on proprietary or Saas solutions.

Many companies face the problem of managing their growing amount of data: it indeed requires time and expertise to collect and analyze. As a consequence, although leveraging the company data can bring a clear competitive advantage, businesses often fail to exploit the Invaluable insights it provides.

We have the know-how and the expertise to help you efficiently build a custom business intelligence platform, and we can manage it for you.