What is DevOps?

DevOps — is a set of tools to build, test and deploy software fast and reliably. DevOps automates processes and as a result, saves time and money for a project.

Vantino team offers two types of DevOps services:

First option:

We deploy and support an existing software infrastructure to the cloud, on-premises (in-house server) or to a private hosting in a data center.

Second option:

  • we build the infrastructure for your project and select tools within the framework of CI (Continuous Integration) / CD (Continuous Delivery) approach
  • when the infrastructure is set up, it automatically builds the code submitted by developers: compilation, code review, unit testing, integration testing and packaging
  • tests are run on different stages of the development process to detect bugs and code malfunctions
  • deployment on the production servers
  • performance monitoring, checking user activity and system errors

Tools we use the most: Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Gitlab CI/CD, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Maven, GCP, AWS, Elastic Search, Grafana, Prometheus Alert Manager

Why a software project would benefit from DevOps:

  • it speeds up the development
  • saves time for developers
  • allows multiple releases, even daily
  • fewer bugs lend into production thanks to automated testing and manual reviews
  • continuous delivery to users and collecting their feedback
  • collected logs help developers to improve the code and find potential bugs