Data Analytics &

Business Intelligence Consulting

Data is the New Oil

The main point of Data Analytics is to take your company’s data, prepare and visualize it, so you can track important changes and make accurate decisions for growing a business.

As a Data Analytics and Machine Learning company we have years of experience in the industry, especially when it comes to working with startups, small and medium-sized businesses that have many specifics compared to large enterprises: fast-paced environment, budget limitations, orientation on flexible solutions and offers.

Our clients use Data Analytics and BI consulting services to:

  • automate data-related processes, make them human free and thus reduce errors
  • see what processes can be further improved and provide more insights to business
  • learn about data analytics pipelines on different platforms (GCP, AWS)
  • understand which reports are the most relevant for the executive team
  • discuss the most efficient ways of data management, data integration, data storage and data visualization:
    • how to clean/prepare data
    • how to merge different sources of data/group records coming from different sources
    • how to handle real-time streams of data
    • which database to use for storing data
How Data Analytics and Business Intelligence are used in different industries:
  • Finance: forecasting and risk management based on current and past organization’s data, visualization of KPIs, preparing financial reports.
  • Sales: predicting sales trends, defining the best price for new products, tracking sales team performance, faster reacting to changes on the market.
  • Marketing: collection and analysis of customers’ data for better targeting, defining most profitable customers, customers’ behavior analysis, personalization of online shopping.
  • Accounting: check our use-case about a Business Intelligence platform for a Swiss accounting company.

These are just a few examples, in reality, any business can benefit from using its data, so do not hesitate to contact us for a Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Consultation.

We also develop solutions in this field, for more details check our Data Analytics & BI page.