Machine Learning

Machine learning has started to be widely implemented in all types of industries and has already become a part of the most recent business digitalization. As its growth is accelerating and ML algorithms are implemented easier than in the past, more companies see the benefits that machine learning can bring to their business. Today, ML is not always a complex made-from-scratch system, we already have platforms that serve as engines for ML algorithms and simplify their deployment. Thus, more and more companies are able to implement machine learning solutions, it's basically a new major step in modern digitalization processes.

How can your business benefit from machine learning solutions?

Financial sector

  • Fraud detection: learn from past frauds and also track different variables (transaction size, location etc.) to prevent new frauds.
  • Credit assessment: use audited financial statements of an organization to evaluate its creditworthiness.
  • Forecasting: get predictive analytics for the near future with data from previous years.


  • Recommender system: build product recommendation systems to provide suggestions based on previous activities and show products that fit your clients' needs the best.
  • Consumer segmentation: analyze chances that a consumer will convert, personalize content and special offers, lower churn rates.

Other Industries

  • ML diagnostic tools for healthcare
  • NLP-based chatbots for customer support
  • Sentiment analysis/opinion mining for digital marketing
  • Authentication for the security sector

That's the industries we work with and examples of solutions that benefit our clients. But the truth is that with machine learning the options are unlimited, so don't hesitate to contact us to get an individual consultation.