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We know the competitive world of the IT industry and advise our customers how to avoid common pitfalls in software development. Vantino has been on the market for 18 years and our team is experienced in providing agile software development services to SMEs and startups. With us, you will find the right solutions for your business fast and reliably.

Use Case

Optimize Costs

We provide the best return on investment for your business:

  • Agile approaches such as Scrum and Kanban allow us to focus on the most important development tasks.
  • We offer a hybrid approach — our team of project managers based in Geneva leads a team of developers based in our office in Kyiv.
  • Our CTO as a service option allows SMEs to get their own part-time CTO for a fraction of cost.
  • We provide software consulting and share our experience with no strings attached.

Master New Technologies

Choosing the right partner and technologies is important for the long term maintainability and scalability of your projects. We are experts in Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Web development:

  • Business intelligence software, data analytics pipelines, analytics dashboards and custom search engines.
  • Machine learning and Deep learning.
  • Full-stack Web development, ERP systems, RESTful APIs, microservice architectures, mobile applications.
  • DevOps (CI/CD) and MLOps.


Project P (still in stealth mode) is a startup company developing a global yet ultra-local social communication platform. Project P’s MVP (Minimal Viable Product), a cross native mobile app, is a complex project involving many technologies. Vantino has designed a smart approach whereby the MVP is highly scalable (microservices architecture) yet it remains cost-efficient as it combines third-party solutions and custom developments. I highly recommend Vantino for their expertise, professionalism, smart architecture design and efficiency-focus.

William Moulin

Founder & CEO at NDA

Vantino is a trusted partner who knows how to adapt to meet our needs and carry out our projects. Whether in terms of price, recruitment or expertise, the company found the right balance to deliver successful projects while meeting deadlines.

Jérôme Chincarini

Director Geneva Branch - Swiss Certified Expert for Account and Controlling at Synergix

Vantino is one of the more proactive and driving IT professionals I have ever seen. Brilliant, honest and accessible. Vantino is the ideal business partner for your next digital project. They always deliver the project on time with a strict efficient method. And I take pride for the excellent experience and joy to collaborate with.

Arnaud Frey

CEO & Co-Founder at Beeckon

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