Our client is an accounting and HR management company, which decided to develop an ERP system to automate as many internal processes as possible — petty cash routine, accounting reports, payment operations, invoice and receipt scanning, HR documents and different workflows. The company also wanted to get a global view of customers’ activities and have all the information collected in one place.


Our clients considered using external online services first, but they had so many specific operations and workflows that it was not possible to find a set of services fully meeting their needs. The fact that Swiss laws vary from one canton to the other was one more reason to consider a custom ERP software.

Another challenge was making the system work not only for employees but also for customers and providing them with a flexible and easy-to-use platform.

Eventually, our clients decided to develop a custom ERP instead of using external services, on which they would depend in the long term.


Let's now review the solution provided by the Vantino full-stack web development team.

The ERP system was developed on the open-source Symfony 4 framework, which is one of the best PHP frameworks currently available. We connected the platform to various third-party APIs and Saas products, including Tableau (analytics software), Ogone (payment service), M-Files (document management) and Xtracta (data entry software). Also, our team connected the Web platform to various banking systems and ensured it was well protected.

A scanning mobile app was another solution provided by our full-stack web development team. It was customized to allow end-users to upload scanned bills from smartphones to the system. The app used Xtracta API to enable optical character recognition (OCR) and extract relevant information from receipts and bills automatically. The interface was designed carefully in order to create a great user experience. For those who were new to the ERP system — an interactive tutorial would be enabled.

In terms of management, we used Agile methodology that allowed us to deliver the system in time within the allocated budget.

At Vantino, when we think about a tailor-made software, we imagine a person wearing a custom suit — it's comfortable, lasts long, eventually saves money and has little imperfections, i.e. bugs.

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