Reinforce your in-house IT staff

in a cost-effective way

Hire a Remote IT Team to Save Your Business Resources

A Dedicated Team acts like your own remote IT team, enabling you to reinforce your in-house staff in a flexible and fully controlled way. Basically, it allows to involve a highly qualified IT specialist or entire IT team into the development process right away and risk free. No wasting time sourcing candidates, considering numerous applications, checking test assignments, and effort-consuming onboarding.

In comparison to full-time employment of IT developers, outstaffing provides several major benefits:

Saving time

Onsite recruitment is an exceedingly time and effort consuming process: typically several people (team leads and recruiters) are involved in search, interviewing, onboarding and training of a selected candidate. On average, only an interview process takes 23 days. With Vantino, ready-to-code developers are available immediately.

Easy replacement

Dismissing an inhouse developer with poor performance is often delayed in anticipation of the expenses required to hire a decent substitute and also can cause project delivery delay. Vantino guarantees a fast and easy replacement of a specialist for free, should there be any doubt regarding the performance quality.


Scaling an in house team requires thorough planning and may not be necessary in a long-term perspective. Vantino allows to scale quickly and without long-term commitment, depending on your needs.


Hiring a dedicated team guarantees transparent daily development cost, absence of recruitment fees or additional taxes, etc. Moreover, you won’t have to set up IT infrastructure or workplaces for new team members, as Vantino provides all the necessary tools and administrative support on our end.

Advisory help

Vantino’s dedicated developers deliver efficient solutions even to complicated tasks thanks to close collaboration in a local team of specialists who have varied domain expertise. We implement a continuous technological watch, so our specialists can advise regarding the newest and trouble-proof software technologies.

Easy to manage

Distance is not an obstacle with a comprehensive set of project management systems (Jira and Trello) and time tracking tools, like Timecamp. Regular demos, skype calls, and continuous chats allow our customers to stay on top of the team’s progress. Vantino also has administrative levers of control over the developers locally to ensure work commitment and delivery of tasks on time.

Here is what a typical scenario looks like:

  • When looking for new software developers, a customer decides to save time and money, and turns to Vantino.
  • Our HR team initiates the hiring process and selects the best candidates.
  • New employees join the Vantino team in Kyiv office.
  • Vantino provides the dedicated specialists with the excellent working conditions, handles payments and the rest of associated employment activities.
  • The customers only pays the daily cost of a developer’s services multiplied by the number of workdays as long as the service is required.