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Vantino Helps Build Another Startup

From Idea to Alpha

As a software development company, Vantino turns ideas into full-featured Web and mobile applications. Our most recent deliverable is Project P – a geo-based social network that is now in the alpha phase. The idea behind the project is to create a platform where members can follow specific geographic locations and be in the loop of all posts tagged there: news, reviews, ads, photos, etc. Therefore, the focus from personal brands (like in the majority of social networks) is shifted towards locations which become the primary interest of the platform’s members. The number of posts generated in a particular spot defines its popularity.

Since making a social network is a tedious and complex process, the Vantino team applied not only agile methodology to reach measurable results fast but also used customizable open source code to save time and reduce the project’s cost for the client. For instance, the cross-native mobile application was built with Flutter – brand new open source framework from Google designed to align the development of iOS and Android apps.

The optimal way to deliver such a sophisticated and large-scale platform is to implement microservice architecture, which we did. Here is a set of technologies we used:

  • RESTful API
  • Spring Framework
  • Flutter Google framework
  • Solr & Sevtin search engines for full text indexing
  • Apache Spark for real-time analysis of events
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub for messaging and communication between distributed services
  • PostgreSQL and Redis databases
  • Keycloak IAM (Identity and Access Management) server for authentication and authorization
  • Cloud-based virtual machines for hosting
  • Microservice architecture ensures better reliance, scalability, faster response speed and prevents system overload.

The Vantino team’s adherence to best practices greatly helps in undertaking startup projects with customers who do not have software engineering experience themselves but have concepts of great products. Our customers say that you can rely on our team and be sure that your requirements are met in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

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