Vantino to Implement Digital Strategy

for FFU Marketing

FFU Marketing and Vantino have recently agreed to cooperate for developing their new Web platform. FFU Marketing is an exclusive subsidiary that is in charge of commercial and marketing activities of the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU). Vantino has already designed a new landing page capturing potential leads and developed a new CMS for managing efficiently content of the FFU Marketing website.

The next steps of the FFU Marketing digital strategy include the development of the following modules for their new web platform:

  • comprehensive presentation website
  • fan club
  • online store
  • FRM solution (i.e., CRM in the parlance of the football industry)

The primary goal of the new Web platform is to increase online visibility and bring new revenue channels to FFU brand and its sub-brands. The developments are thus geared in priority toward the following aspects:

  • Creation of a Web platform for increasing the audience coverage and engagement as well as for promoting FFU brands and its sub-brands
  • Development of an online store for selling branded goods
  • Integration of CRM tools for managing client database
  • Vantino team has selected cutting-edge technologies to build the new Web platform for FFU Marketing in a productive way and followed an agile approach to maximize the added-value and quality of new functionalities