Launch of Beeckon -

New Swiss Business Platform

Nowadays, business is running faster and faster. New online platforms appear every day to help manage teams communication, customer relationships or online presence more efficiently. Thus, it's essential to choose the right tools in order to keep being competitive. One key aspect for a business is to be able to find the right partners (e.g. co-founders, staff or investors). In particular, many entrepreneurs are looking for investors, while many investors are eager to find interesting projects they will be ready to support. There are numerous ways to search for such people online, but it is often a long and tedious process.

The solution now lies in an innovative business connector platform that Vantino has developed and delivered recently. Beeckon solves the problem of searching for a proper business partner. It was built for entrepreneurs and investors who are seeking to find interesting opportunities and grow their business. By joining Beeckon, you can easily start to enlarge your business network and convert connections into successful deals and projects. Being part of the Beeckon community also allows publishing business opportunities according to the needs.